New rules. New talent.

Event: New rules. New talent.

Next generation employer brand and attraction is here.

Join us on Wednesday 4th July 2018

Never before have employers needed to challenge assumptions so radically and find such creative, credible and sustainable ways to connect with new kinds of talent.

This half day summit brings together inspirational speakers from EY, Timewise, social mobility charity EY Foundation and expert academics in the field of meaningfulness at work. They will share insights to show how major employers can adapt their employer brand and talent acquisition to tackle social mobility, flexible working, the growing gig economy and purpose at work.

When: Wednesday 4th July 2018, 8:30am – 12:30pm

Where: Charlotte Street Hotel, London, W1T 1RJ




Join MSL and their incredible line-up of speakers

  • Karen Mattison, CEO, Timewise
  • Jane Robinson, Head of Employer Brand, EY
  • Jason Frank, CEO, MSL
  • Adrian Madden, Associate Professor in Organisational Behaviour at the University of Greenwich Business Faculty
  • Katie Bailey, Professor of Work and Employment at King's Business School, King's College London
  • Maryanne Matthews, CEO of social mobility charity EY Foundation


How can we really connect with hidden talent pools to create diversity, innovation, and social mobility?

Maryanne Matthews, CEO of social mobility charity EY Foundation.

What really matters to people when it comes to talking about purpose and meaning at work? 

Adrian Madden and Katie Bailey, Authors of 'What makes work meaningful - or meaningless'

How can we engage with a more contingent, gig-based workforce?

Original research amongst contract workers and an innovative case study from Jane Robinson, Head of Employer Brand, EY & Jason Frank, CEO, MSL.

How can we be more effective at tapping in to the vast potential of the growing flexible workforce?

Insights from Karen Mattison MBE, Founder of Timewise and recognised pioneer in the world of flexible working.

Expert Panel discussion and Q&A



Jane van Wyngaarden

Marketing and New Business Coordinator

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