MSL team head to Cannes to represent the UK as Young Lions

MSL team head to Cannes to represent the UK as Young Lions

We are incredibly proud of Sarah Grech and Max Crame who beat off stiff competition in the digital category of this year’s Young Lion’s competition to be named the UK winners. They will be joining country finalists from across the globe to compete at the annual festival of creativity in June. Here is the story of the 24 hour brief they successfully completed in order to get to the final.

Twenty-four hours, one creative campaign. Sounds simple, right?

We began at 5pm on a Friday. Our spirits were high as we waited for our creative brief with anticipation. By 5:15pm, we had everything we needed to get started. The objective was to build awareness for Depaul UK, a youth homelessness charity, with a cost-effective digital activation that was relatively simple to execute.

Every great idea is grounded in a solid insight, so we set out to find one. We researched stories and accounts of people who have experienced homelessness before and how they found their way out. We discovered that while we all have misconceptions of the homeless, the only real thing separating us is circumstance.

It was brainstorm time. Coming up with pie in the sky ideas might seem like a breeze, but a 15k budget complicates things. Hundreds of Post-it notes and cups of coffee later, we landed on an idea. But our work was nowhere near finished.

The idea is only the beginning. Once you’ve agreed on your concept, you need to figure out an emotional, clear and simple way to express it so that it doesn’t get lost amidst pages of explanations and complicated images. To be honest, it was a race right up until the end. We submitted with about five minutes to spare, but even if we hadn’t won, we both felt the effort was worth it.

The Young Lions is an amazing opportunity for creatives in the early stages of their careers and we recommend everyone gives it a go. Whether you win or lose, you learn a lot about your capabilities, the power of simplicity and remaining calm under pressure. Plus, if you do win, you get to experience Cannes and have the honour of competing again on behalf of your country! We can’t wait to face the challenge again in the global competition this June.

You can follow Max and Sarah’s journey at Cannes on Twitter and Instagram. We hope you will join us in wishing them every success!

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